Studio Kleinood

For thousands of years, people are already using clothing, accessories and jewellery to represent who they are or what they have.
It tells something about their class, religion as well as cultural identities.

Each collection of Studio Kleinood tells a piece of this given heritage,
that they translate in unique pieces of jewelery.
Within each collection they use an icon, a symbol or a cliché from this rich culture and history, often with a humorous wink.

Examples are their "Silverstone collection",consisting of rings with stones from silver, cut in the shape of a gemstone.
The jewellery of the "Goldfever collection" seems overgrown by a golden virus.

And their latest collection: “Solid” looks like it is carved out of a piece of stone, in which the shape reminds you of jewellery from the past.


Each collection is innovative and challenges the established prejudices about what an accessory or piece of jewelry is.


Jiska Hartog and Michiel Henneman work together as jewelry designers, all jewelry is handmade in their own studio